You should now be ready to use Classroom Monitor v2. There is one final check you need to complete and then please share the next steps with your teaching staff. 

1.    Account Check – your users should have received ‘activation emails’ from Classroom Monitor. Your pupils and groups should be updated for the new year. If your teachers have not received login emails, please check that their emails are included in your MISSpecialist teachers (who do not have form classes, may need to be added manually).

2.    Launching Classroom Monitor to your school and teachers. We have created a one page planner for the school year. This should be your guide for launching and using Classroom Monitor. The planner includes links to supporting help pages and resources, look for:           

          a. Key questions

          b. Assessment mix

          c. Teacher launch email

          d. SLT launch email

This will give you everything you need to go live with teachers and staff. If you need any support, please contact us through our online support system - you will need to register for a new support account if you have not used this before (different login details to the Classroom Monitor platform). 

3.    Looking at last year's data. Click here to view details