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Choosing the right tracking model

Ofsted no longer needs to review ‘school data’ as part of their inspections, but this doesn’t mean tracking attainment and progress is now redundant. As a school you still need to understand how your pupils are performing, who is working at age related expectation and who isn’t and needs more attention. The information needed to measure this should be simple but structured and then presented in a way that is meaningful to each of your key stakeholders – pupils, teachers, leadership, governors and parents.

Assessment Data – Key Sources

Classroom Monitor has been designed to support the three key assessment data sources. It is important for you to consider which type(s) of data your school will use for reporting and analysis:

Assessment Combinations

It is important that your school has a clear strategy to manage the data from whichever sources you will be using. You should consider which model(s) fits your school approach and ensure that you have provided clear guidance to your SLT and teachers on what they should be recording, how often and what its purpose is. 

Classroom Monitor can accommodate any combination of the data sources. If you require any information or support on choosing the best model for your school, please get in contact to discuss.

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