When implementing Classroom Monitor in your school there are some key questions which you should consider. A checklist is outlined below:



  • Which subjects are you collecting data against?

  • How often do you expect teachers to be recording assessment?

  • Are you planning on collecting evidence? If so, how much, which pupils/subjects and for what purpose?

  • What benefits do you want your teachers to get from markbooks? (curriculum tracking / pupil reports / ordering markbook objectives for planning & reviewing coverage) 

  • What % score (Overall Percentage / Percentage of Assessed) are you using for data analysis?

  • When does it all need to be up to date?

Teacher Judgements

  • Which terminology is the school using? 

  • Has this been communicated with staff?

  • When are the data drop points?

  • Are they being used alongside markbooks/standardised test or on their own?

  • Which subjects will be assessed this way?

  • How are judgements to be backed up if not using markbooks?

External Test Data

  • Which types of test are delivered?

  • How often are they conducted?

  • Who will upload the test results?

  • How is data compared with other types of data in school?