Schools with a MIS synchronisation

User accounts are created automatically within Classroom Monitor using the staff email addresses from your school's MIS. Staff with emails included in the MIS and assigned as the primary teacher for that class will automatically receive activation emails that will enable them to create and verify their user accounts.

Teachers that are not assigned as the primary class teacher with at least one pupil assigned within the MIS will not be created a user login even if an email address is assigned. 

If members of staff have not received their activation emails, first check in your MIS that their emails are included and that they are assigned to a class with at least one pupil. Once this has been updated the newly added staff member will receive their activation email the next time the MIS synchronises with Classroom Monitor over night.

Alternatively, it is possible to create the teacher manually.  The teacher will then need to be manually assigned to the classes they need access to.

Schools without MIS synchronisation

In schools without an MIS sync, teachers can be uploaded by users with admin permissions. Go to SETTINGS > School Configuration > Upload Teachers .