External Data refers to any data that was not generated in Classroom Monitor. This can include test results and end of Key Stage data.

This information can be inputted using using a CSV file from the External Data section accessed from the menu bar. There is also an option to Import a CTF for looking at statutory data on the Long Term Tracking report.

External Data can import data from various tests including:

  • GL Cat4

  • GL Progress Tests: English, Maths, Science

  • NFER - Grammar, Reading, Maths

  • Phonics Screening Test

  • PIRA

  • PUMA

  • SATS

A full list of import types can be viewed here.

If a specific test is not listed, scores can be imported for this using the Standard Test import type. This allows a score of between 0-150 to be recorded for pupils. 

In Progress, external data can be accessed in: