Teacher judgements can be recorded in the Judgements report in Progress. Some schools use judgements as a way of 'triangulating' data from different sources, for example a markbook and test score. Others like to record a teacher judgement for subjects that they are not assessing via markbooks or test data.


From the menu, you can load up to 3 columns of data to inform a judgement. These can be specific markbook data and/or external data that has been imported.  For guidance on loading up a Judgements report, please see the following help page: Judgement Report.

To begin recording judgements, the teacher clicks the 'Judgements' button at the top of the screen (1). 

The teacher selects the type of judgement they wish to make (2). There are a number of options:

  • Percent: Manually type in a percentage score for each pupil.

  • Standardised Score:  Manually enter a test result for a pupil.

  • Band: Select Bronze / Silver / Gold for each pupil.

  • Progress: There are a number of sets of judgements that you can select from of either three or five options. The selected terminology can then be applied for each child.

Once judgements have been made (3), these will need to be saved. The teacher will record some key identifying information for these judgements at the bottom of the screen:

(4) Date: This will default to today's date.  Select the date you want the judgements to be recorded for.  For example if you are recording judgements for the beginning of the year in September, change the date to a day in September, e.g 27/09/19.

(5) Subject: Select the subject that you wish to associate the data to.  If a particular subject does not appear, select 'No Subject'.

(6) Year: Select the appropriate year group that the data is to be associated to.  For example if you are recording judgements for Year 3 pupils when they were Year 2, the year would be Year 2.

(7) Judgements Name: Provide a name for the judgement made.  If one is not given an automatic name will be selected.

(8) Save Judgements

How Do I Look At The Judgements Recorded? 

Once the data has been saved it will be listed in the Previous Imports section under External Data.  The judgements made can be loaded up in the External Data Reports, including Judgements, or the Group Matrix under the Group Tracking progress reports section.