The Multi-Subject View reports provide a high level summary view of pupil results using External Data.  It allows for a comparison of up to 3 subjects from a specific Import Type, making it useful for comparing Judgements that have been made.  Unlike the External Data & Judgements Single-Subject View reports, this report does not have a specific file selection.  It looks for the most recent data, based on the Test Date, for a pupil that corresponds to the Import Type and subjects selected.

School Overview Multi-Subject View

To load up a School Overview Multi-Subject View:

  • Import Type:  Select the import type that you wish to compare data for.  The Import Type of the External Data can be seen in Previous Imports.

  • Use Imports From Test Date:  This will look at imports from this this date onward.

  • Until:  The system will look at all external data imports up to the date selected

  • Subject:  Up to three different subjects can be selected.

  • Import Column:  This will depend on the import type.  Import types with more than one set of results will have multiple options, such as Standardised Age Score, where as Judgements will only have the option for the 'Judgement' column.

  • Show Attainment settings:  If looking at numerical data, such as Standardised Age Score, there will be an option to set what counts as Sig. Below, Below, At, Above and Sig.Above.

  • Load Report: Click this once all the selections have been made.

Each number in the tables can be clicked on to display the pupils that fit into that area:

The information can also be viewed in a graph format by clicking on 'VIEW GRAPH' next subject name in the column heading.

Year Overview Multi-Subject View

This report displays a single table for pupils in a particular year group and the characteristics groups of the year.  This is loaded in the same manner as the School Overview Multi-Subject View report but with the addition of selecting a Report Year Group.

Class Overview Multi-Subject View

This report displays a single table for the total pupils in a single class and the characteristics groups for the class.  The layout of the report is the same as the Year Overview Multi-Subject View.  The report is loaded in the same way as the Year Overview Multi-Subject View, but instead of selecting a year group, a Group is selected.