A list of previous imports can be viewed in the External Data section by clicking on 'Previous Imports' in the top left hand corner:

The next screen will show a list of previous External Data imports and point in time judgements made in the Judgements progress report.

The columns show:

  • Import Type: This is what will need to be selected when looking at the data in External Data Reports.

  • Subject: This is the subject the import or judgement has been associated to.  This is the subject that will have to be selected on the External Data Reports

  • Import Name:  The name that was given to the file and this will be the name that appears when selecting a file to use on the External Data Reports.

  • Test Date: The date that the import or judgement has been associated to.  When selecting a start and end date on External Data Reports the Test Date will need to fall between them.

  • Import Date: The date the import or judgement was entered in to Classroom Monitor.

  • Import File Name: The name of the original file that was uploaded.

  • Download: Clicking the download icon will download a copy of the original file that was uploaded to Classroom Monitor.

  • Delete: Clicking on the delete icon will permanently delete the imported file or judgement record related to that row.

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