Before selecting a file to upload, the data needs to be in the correct format.  This can be achieved by downloading and completing a template.  The IDs on the upload file need to match either the UPN or MIS Id of the pupils, if they do not match, the file will not upload.

Once the file is in the correct format, to import the data complete the following selections:

  1. Import Type: Select your import type from the drop-down.

  2. Import Name: Name your import (recommended - if no name is given, one will be assigned).

  3. Subject: Associate the import with a subject from the drop-down.

  4. Year Group: Associate the data with a Year group from the drop-down.  We recommend the year group that the pupils were in that the data is being imported for.

  5. Test Date: This is the date you wish the information to be associated to.  This will affect the date that will need to be selected when loading the data in External Data Reports.

  6. Import File: Identify the file to import.

  7. Press Next.

The next screen shows the data that will be imported.  This will allow you to review the information before it is imported to check that everything is correct.  Once you are happy, click 'Import Data' to complete the upload.

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