Pupil Group Membership can be accessed from the School Configuration area of the Settings page.

On this page you will be able to select a group from the drop-down and see the pupils that have been assigned to the group and the pupils available to add to the group.  In order for a pupil to appear on a Markbook or Progress Report that focuses on class level data, they need to be assigned to a group that a teacher has access to.

Adding Pupils To A Group

Select the Group you would like to add pupils to from the 'Groups' drop-down on the right hand side of the page:

Once the group is selected, it will display any existing pupils in the group on the left hand side.  The right hand side displays all active pupils in the school who are available to add to the group. 

The arrows allow for names to be ordered alphabetically or the Year Group in ascending or descending order.  The search box can be used to look for specific pupils, or filter for a Year Group by clicking.  This can be done by clicking on the filter icon before the column name and typing the year group into the search bar:

Select the pupils to add to the group by clicking the box to the left of the 'First name' column. This will highlight their row and put a tick in the box:

When all of the relevant pupils have been selected, click Add to Group.  A number will appear next to Add To Group to indicate how many pupils have been selected. Once the pupils have been added, click Save Changes:

To remove a pupil from a group, perform the same actions but select the pupils from the Pupils in the Group section and click remove.  Click Save changes for this to take effect.

Please be aware that groups that come from the sync can not be edited.  They will need to be changed in the school's MIS and the changes will be reflected in the next sync.  The following message appears next to the Groups drop-down box:

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