Pupil Management can be accessed under the School Configuration section on the Settings page:

Pupil Management displays a list of all of the active pupils that are in a school along with relevant information, such as names, IDs, Year Group and the source of the pupil, whether they have been manually set up or synced over.  Each record can be clicked on for further information and if they have been added manually, their details can be edited.

Pupil can be added to the school through this screen by clicking on the Add New icon in the top right hand corner or the page.  Please note that schools with an MIS sync should wait for the pupil to sync over instead of manually creating pupils:

Work your way down the page filling in the information for the pupil. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*):

  • First name (*)

  • Preferred name

  • Surname (*)

  • Date of Birth (*) - dd/mm/yyyy format.

  • Change Calculated Year Group - Year groups are automatically calculated for pupils based on their date of birth.  This allows for them to be moved up or down year groups based on the one they have automatically been given.

  • UPN (*) - Unique Pupil Number.  If an MIS ID has been provided, this does not need to be completed. Yea

  • MIS ID (*) - If UPN has been filled in this does not need to be provided

  • Gender(*) -  Male / Female

  • First Language - select a language from the drop down list.

  • Ethnicity - select an ethnicity from the drop down list.

  • Country - select country from list

  • Status - active/Inactive

  • Free School Meals - Yes/No

  • Pupil Premium - Yes / No

  • Looked After - Yes / No

  • Gifted and Talented - UAE specific field.

  • Is Arabic - UAE specific field.

  • SEN Types - select one or more SEN types from the drop down list.

  • SEN Provisions - select one or more SEN provisions from the drop down list.

Once all the information has been entered for the pupil, click the green 'Create Pupil' button. The pupil record will be created and  the process can be repeated for any other new pupils. 

Pupils that have left the school can be set to inactive through Pupil Management.  Clicking on to any pupil record will take you on to that pupils individual record.  To set the pupil to inactive you will need to click on Inactive under the status setting:

Pupil Year Group

A pupils year group is automatically calculated based on their date of birth relative to your school's academic year start month.  The automatically calculated year group can be changed through the Change Calculated Year Group field:


This drop-down allows for the pupil to be moved either up or down three year groups from their automatically calculated one:

Once a change has been made to adjust the pupil's year group, click the green Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen for this to take effect:


By default the academic year start month for all UK schools is set to September and for schools in the UAE it is August. If you need to change your starting month please contact us by raising a Support Ticket.

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