Group Management can be accessed from the School Configuration area on the Settings page.

Group Management will display a list of all of the groups you have been granted access to.  SLT and Admin users will be able to see all groups set up in the school.

Add A New Group

To create a new group click on the Add New icon in the top right hand corner:

This will bring up the group creation page.  A Group Name needs to entered, the Status needs to be left as Active

Once this has been completed, click the green Create Group button.  Pupils can then be added to the group in Pupil Group Membership and staff can be assigned through Teacher Group Management.

Viewing and Editing an Existing Group

To view an existing group, click on the group you wish to view on the Group Management page.  This will take you to the Group's details page:

From here the groups name can be changed or it can be set to Inactive under status.  Please be aware that if a group comes from the sync it can not be edited and the following message will appear above the Group Name:

Groups that come from the sync need to be changed in the school's MIS.

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