Classroom Monitor will create a range of documents to engage parents throughout the school year. These include interim reports, learning journey style documents and formal reports. These can be shared in printed format from pdf. 

Parent consultations/interim reports, including links to the relevant help pages:

Evidence Reports: These reports let you share evidence recorded in the markbook as a learning journey with photos, notes or tagged learning objectives. Great for sharing achievements with parents and for engaging them in their pupils’ learning and successes. 

Progress Reports: These provide an objective view of pupil progress over time. You can choose dates from which to display markbook assessments. Select monthly or termly (up to 6 dates) for any subject. These reports help to inform discussion at a parents’ consultation, highlighting next steps or where additional support at home might help. They are often also used as an automatic model for interim reporting which does not take up any time.

Assessment Reports: These provide a snapshot of current assessments from the markbook (from one date only). You can limit these to only show certain assessment colours from the markbook, and they are useful to show next steps (highlighting only red/ yellow) or current achievements. 

Parent Reports: These are end of year reports that allow for teachers to write comments for pupils concerning individual subjects as well as overall teacher comments and there isa section for headteacher comments.  A snapshot of a certain number of objectives can also be included on these reports and there is also an option to include external data results.

Parent Consultations: Using Pupil Reports (8:35)

This video show you how to generate Pupil Attainment Reports, Pupil Progress Reports and Pupil Evidence Reports.