Judgements allows you to view a range of data for pupils, whether it is External Data or Markbook Data, and compare it on one report. You can specify up to 3 different pieces of data to view in a table.  This data can then be used to make informed teacher judgements:

The three selections correspond to the data that will load in each of the three columns.  One selection needs to be made for the report to load, the final two selections are optional, however selection 3 will not load without selection 2 being made.  To load the Judgements Report:

  • Group: Select the class group that you want to look at the data for.  The group is fixed for all three selections

  • For an External Data Selection:

    • Curriculum/External Data Import: Select Imported Data will allow the selection of External Data.

    • Score Import: This will be the file name you saved the import as.

    • Column: This will be the relevant information from the import that you want to look at.  Judgements or imports that only have on set of information will only have one option to select from. 

  • For a Markbook Data Selection:

    • Curriculum/External Data Import:  Select Curriculum to look at Markbook Data.

    • Subject: Select the subject that you wish to view the markbook assessment information for.

    • Ability/Year: Select the relevant ability that pupils have been assessed at on the markbooks.

    • % Assessed / % Overall:  Choose to look between the two scores that are generated by the markbook.

  • Load Report.

When the data is displayed, you then have the option to record a teacher Judgements on the basis of that data. Further information about entering Judgements can be found on the following help page: Judgements.