EYFS Progress Reporting

Within the Progress area of Classroom Monitor you can access EYFS specific progress reports This includes the EYFS Group Report which provides a view of progress for EYFS across a class or year group. This report can viewed as a list of individual pupils or by pupil type, presented as a grade or percentage.

The EYFS Pupil Report provides a view for an individual pupil presenting their progress for each subject area as a grade or percentage.

The two minute video below shows the process for accessing both reports:

EYFS Pupil Reporting

The Pupil Reports area allows you to collate and output information that is stored in the EYFS Development Matters framework and the EYFS Markbook. You can quickly and easily generate documents which you can share with others such as parents, pupils themselves or other professionals.

The Reports menu is accessed by clicking the REPORTS icon in the blue menu bar. This allows the user to select the exact options to schedule the Pupil Reports they need to suit their task.

There are three Report types available: