The Pupil Attainment Report is designed to show attainment of each objective in the selected subjects for a single pupil. It will show the latest colour recorded in the markbook for the months selected. These can be useful to give an overview of how a pupil is achieving in a subject and what their next steps are. These can be useful to share with parents, pupils and other professionals.

To generate a pupil attainment report:

Pupils From

  • Group: Select the group containing the pupils you wish to generate a report for.

  • Pupils: The default will be all pupils, you can select a single pupil or certain pupils by selecting their individual names in the dropdown.

Subjects From

  • Curriculum & Subjects: Select the curriculum you wish to view subjects from in the curriculum box and then the subjects from it in the box next to it.  The default is all subjects, individual subjects can be selected by clicking on their names in the drop down.  To add more than one curriculum, select your first curriculum and the subjects you want.  The go back to the curriculum dropdown and select your next curriculum and subjects.  The selected curriculum and subjects will appear below the two boxes.  To remove a curriculum and subjects, click the remove button next to it.


  • For Months: Select the months that you want assessment to be shown for (objectives which were not assessed in the selected months will not be shown).


  • Run Type: On Demand

  • Report Type: Pupil Attainment Report

  • Report Name: Provide an appropriate name so that you can identify the report for download.

  • Show Colours: Yes - This will produce a coloured report. No - This will produce a black and white report.

  • Show Comments: Yes - This will provide a comment box next to each objective for adding self evaluation or parent feedback.  No - no comment box will be added.

  • Show Ability Names: Yes - This will show which ability level an objective comes from.  No - The objectives will not display with their ability level.

Show Limits

Clicking on show limits will provide the ability to control the number of objectives assessed at a certain level will appear on the reports.  

The default is set to 'No limit', this will include all the learning objective assessments for the selected subject.  Clicking on to the dropdown allows the selection of a limited number, between 0-10, of objectives for each level of assessment Unassessed, Target, Almost, Met & Exceeding.

Setting the limit for an assessment level to 0 will stop that assessment from appearing on the report. For example, the attainment report can be produced as a Target sheet by limiting all apart from Target to 0. This will then only show the learning objectives set as Target.

Once the selections have been made click "Schedule Report" and the report will enter the queue to be generated.  The report will appear in the scheduled reports section.  Once the 'Status' column says 'Complete', it will become available for download.