The Pupil Evidence Report collates evidence (photos and notes) that are stored in the markbook for a single pupil. It displays the evidence alongside the assessment statements that it has been attached.  The assessment colour that is attached to the objective is what the objective was assessed at when the evidence was recorded.  This makes it important to record assessments before recording evidence.

Many people are familiar with using Learning Journeys like this in the Early Years but they can also be used to document learning in other subjects. These can be useful to share with parents, pupils and other professionals.

To generate a Pupil Evidence Report:

Pupils From

  • Group: Select the group that you wish to generate the Evidence Report for.

  • Pupils: This defaults to 'All Pupils' for the group selected.  Individual pupils can be selected by clicking on the drop-down and selecting their names or by typing them in.

Subjects From

  • Curriculum & Subjects: Select the curriculum you wish to view subjects from in the curriculum box and then the subjects from it in the box next to it.  The default is all subjects, individual subjects can be selected by clicking on their names in the drop down.  To add more than one curriculum, select your first curriculum and the subjects you want.  The go back to the curriculum dropdown and select your next curriculum and subjects.  The selected curriculum and subjects will appear below the two boxes.  To remove a curriculum and subjects, click the remove button next to it.


  • For Months: Select the months that you want to see evidence recorded for.  You will need to select each month that you want to see evidence for.  This means that to selecting September and December will only show evidence for those specific months, not October and November.  Each of the four months will need to be individually selected to see evidence in these four months.


  • Run Type: On Demand.

  • Report Type:  Pupil Evidence will need to be selected.

  • Report Name:  Provide an appropriate name for the report so that it can be identified.

Show Ability Names: Yes - this will display which ability an objective comes from. No - the ability associated to the objective will not be displayed. 

Once the selections have been made click "Schedule Report" and the report will enter the queue to be generated.  The report will appear in the scheduled reports section.  Once the 'Status' column says 'Complete', it will become available for download.