To record evidence for pupils you will need to click on 'Evidence' at the top of the markbook:

If evidence has already been recorded against an objective for a number will appear indicating how many pieces there are.  If no evidence has been recorded, then 'No Evidence' appears on the tile.

It is important to record assessments before adding evidence.  Evidence is recorded against the assessment colour of the objective at the time it is created.  This will affect which assessment colour displays on the Pupil Evidence Report.  For example if a piece of evidence is recorded against an objective that is 'Almost' (yellow), the objective will show on the Pupil Evidence Report as Almost (yellow), even if the assessment on the objective is changed straight after.

To record evidence, click on the tile or tiles that you want to add the piece of evidence to.  These will highlight grey with a red border:

Then click add in the top left hand corner:

The is will bring up the screen to add evidence.  From this window  you can:  

  • Type notes that are related to the evidence in the 'Notes' box.

  • Change the 'Evidence Type', if you are uploading a photo, make sure to change the evidence type to photo. 

  • Change the date the piece of evidence is recorded for in 'Recorded Date'. The 'Recorded Date' needs to be a date the same as or after the date the initial assessment was made.  If the evidence has a recorded date that predates the initial assessment, the evidence will NOT be included in the Pupil Evidence Report.

  • Upload a single file. This can be dragged and dropped or chosen by using the 'Select a file button'.  Files can be photos, short video clips, audio clips or documents.  They are limited to a size of 40mb. 

Once you have entered the evidence, press 'Save Evidence. The tile will then update to indicate the number of pieces of evidence assigned to it:

Viewing Evidence

To view evidence, click the relevant tile or tiles to highlight them.  Click on the view button in the top left hand corner (next to Add).  This will bring up the following screen.  From here you can either download the piece of evidence if a file has been attached or permanently remove the piece.