When you load a markbook you will be presented with the pupils along the top of the page and the objectives down the side.  Each pupil has a tile for each objective where their current assessment judgement is recorded.  All assessments are automatically saved once they are made.

Click and Colour

Select the tile(s) you want to change by clicking on them. When clicked on they will highlight grey with a red border:

Click the level of assessment you want to give to the objectives from the palette in the top left hand corner and the tiles will change to the selected colour:

Paintbrush Mode

Click the paintbrush icon in the top left hand corner and then the assessment level you wish to apply:

Click on the tile you wish to change and it will change to the selected colour. You can click and drag across multiple tiles by holding down the left mouse button.  Paintbrush mode can be turned off by clicking the paintbrush again.

Objective Guidance 

Guidance for an objective can be accessed by clicking on the following icon next to it:

This will bring up a screen at the side with the relevant guidance for the objective selected:

What Next?

Now that data has been added to the markbooks it can be viewed in the Progress Reports.