When your account is created you are sent a User Account Created email from sender@classroommonitor.co.uk to the email address that your account was created with.

 1. Click the link within the email to activate your account



2. Click on the 'Create password' button to continue.



3. Create a strong password following the rules shown on this screen. 


4. Password has been saved. Press 'Go to Login page'.


5. You will now be able to login using your email address and the password you created.

You can now login using your email address and password at: 



My User Account Creation email has expired

How do I reset my password?

What Next?

Familiarise yourself with Classroom Monitor's key features by watching the 'Quick start guide'. This includes a selection of 1-2 minute overview videos, covering everything you need to record and report on your school's assessment.