To request a password reset email, click the link titled "Having trouble logging in? Click here" from the login page. 

You will then be able to enter your email address in to the relevant field and click "Send reset password link."

You will be sent an email from (you may need to check your junk folder). This email can take up to 10 minutes to come through.

The email will contain a link that can be clicked on and an alternative that can be copied and pasted into your web browser's URL.  If more than one password reset email has been requested, always use the most recently received email.  This link will only remain active for 24 hours:

Once you have accessed the link, you will be able to reset your password.  You will need to create it in accordance to the rules at the top of the page:

Once you have entered and re-entered your password, click Change Password.  You will now be able to log into Classroom Monitor with your new password.

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