Parent Reports can be accessed from the reports section.  The selections made here allow for pupil information, markbook assessments, evidence and external data to be included on a report.  To create a new reports click on the 'Create a new report' under the Parental Reports area. This will start the process of creating a new report:

Step 1: Details

You will need to complete the following:

  • Report Name: This will be the name of your report and what will appear when it is generated.

  • Report Date: This is the date the report will generate for and be available for download.  Comments need to be added before the date the report is selected to be generated for.

  • Assessments: This affects Step 3.  It will set the date range for assessments made on the markbooks to be included on the report.

  • Pupils:  The 'By Class' option allows you to create a report for a specific group and the 'By Selection' option allows for pupils to be selected from multiple groups to be included on the report.  To add pupils using 'By Selection', click the box next to the pupils name to highlight them, then press include for them to appear in the 'Included' section.

Once the details have been entered, click on the green Step 2 button which will take you to the Pupil Flags.

Step 2: Pupil Flags

The flags each have a Yes/No option available.  Any flag that is set to Yes will appear under a section titled 'Pupil Information' on the report providing the relevant information for each individual pupil. If all fields are set to no, the 'Pupil Information' section will not appear on the reports.

There are 3 options for including comments (subject, overall and headteacher) in the report:

Show only the latest: only the most recent comment will show on the report.

Show all comments: all comments will appear on the report, regardless of when the comment was written. This includes report comments from previous academic years.

Use a date range: only comments created within the date range selected will appear on the report.

Step 3: Curriculum details

Select a curriculum from the drop-down that will be used on the report.  Multiple curricula can be selected to appear on the reports.  Subjects can then be added to the report by clicking in the box next to the subject to highlight it and then pressing the include button for it to appear in the 'Included' section.  Comments that have been written for these subjects will appear on the report when it generates.  

The following selections need to be made on this page:

  • Grades To Use: Select which level of markbook assessments will appear on the report.

  • Number Of Objectives: Between 1-5 objectives will appear on the report.  These will be the most recent objectives assessed at the level selected.

  • Evidence: Evidence attached to objectives on the markbooks can either be Included, by selecting 'Include' or excluded by selecting 'Ignore'.  A maximum of 3 pieces of the latest evidence will be displayed per objective.

Step 4: External Data (Optional)

To include External Data on a report:

  • Import Type:  Select the import type that corresponds to the data you want to include.  Import types for uploaded data can be seen in the Previous Imports section.

  • Import:  This will list all of the imports that match the import type.

  • Fields: This will list all of the relevant fields for the import selected.  To include a field, click on the box next to the field name to highlight it and then press include for it to appear in the 'Included' section.  The press the 'Include in this report' button for the data to be included.

If you wish to remove a piece of external data, click on the dustbin icon on the row for the item to be removed.

Once all of the selection have been made, press 'Create Report'.  The report will then appear listed in the Download and Approve Reports section.