This report is useful for pupils with 'spiky profiles', the table shows attainment in up to 4 ability levels for a markbook subject for individual pupils.

To load a Multi-Ability Tracking report:

  • % of Assessed/Overall %: The report can be loaded up using either type of markbook data.

  • Start Date: This will look at assessments made from this date onward.  Assessments made before the start date will not be included.

  • End Date: This will be all the assessments made up until this date.

  • Group: Select the class group that you wish to view information for.

  • Curriculum: Select the curriculum which has the subject you wish to view data for

  • Subject: Select the subject that has been assessed on the markbooks.

  • Ability/Year: Up to 4 abilities can be selected to view data for.

  • Load Report.

This will produce a table with the pupil names down the left hand side and the % score they have achieved for each selected ability during the time-frame selected.  In the right hand column there is the option to view the information as a graph for each individual pupil:

Hovering over any of the bars will show the % score for the pupil at that ability. 

There is the option to view the information in a graph format for all pupils at the top of the page:

This will produce a graph for all pupils.  Hovering over the bars or names will show the name and score for the pupil selected: