The progress tab on the overview reports allows for a quick overview of how pupils have progressed between two points in time.  To access a Progress Overview, first load the Attainment Overview report:

  • Curriculum: Select the curriculum that you have been recording assessments against subjects for.

  • Subjects: Up to three different subjects can be selected from the curriculum you have chosen.

  • Start Date: The start point to measure progress from.

  • End Date: The date you will be measuring progress to. 

  • Attainment Settings: There are two Attainment Settings that can be altered.  The first one presented, Attainment Settings, corresponds to the selected End Date and the second, Progress Settings, is for the Start DateThese can be adjusted based on whether you are looking at % Assessed or % Overall, or the time in the year you are looking at the data.  Each individual user needs to update their own attainment settings.

  • Load Report

When an Attainment Report has been loaded, progress can be accessed from the top of the page:

The data will be presented in the following format:

On the progress tab, pupils are categorised as Sig. Below, Below, At, Above or Sig. Above.  This is calculated based on the table below:

The progress report calculates progress by comparing the pupils attainment in the end date relative to their attainment in the start date based on the attainment settings selected.  For example, if a pupil was classified as Below in the Start Date and in the End Date they were classified as Above, they would appear in the Above section of the progress report.