These reports provide a high level summary view of data that has been generated through the Classroom Monitor markbooks.  They are easy to interpret and ideal for sharing with governors, MATs and external bodies.  The School Overview and Year Group Overview are available only available to SLT and Admin users.  The Class Group Overview is available to all users.


School Overview

This report displays two tables.  The first shows data for each year group and the second shows information for the characteristics groups across the school for up to three markbook subjects.

To load a School Overview:

  • Curriculum: Select the curriculum that you have been recording assessments against subjects for. 

  • Subjects: Up to three different subjects can be selected from the curriculum you have chosen 

  • % Of Assessed/Overall %: Each overview report can be loaded up using either type of markbook data.

  • Start/End Date: Pick the relevant moth that you wish to look at the data.  The most current month in the end date will be loaded

  • Score Type: Each overview report can be loaded up using either type of markbook data, % Assessed or Overall %.

  • Attainment Settings: These can be adjusted based on whether you are looking at % Assessed or Overall %, or the time in the year you are looking at the data. Each individual user needs to update their own attainment settings.

  • Load Report.

Once loaded, each number in the tables can be clicked on to display the pupils that fit into that area:

Each Subject has the option to view the information in a graph format by clicking 'VIEW GRAPH' next to the subject name:

Year Group Overview

This report displays a single table for total pupils in the year group and the characteristics groups for that year. This is loaded the same way as a School Overview but with addition of a 'Report Year Group' field to select the year group you wish to view.

Class Group Overview

This report displays a single table for the total pupils in an a single class and the characteristics groups for the selected class in the same layout as the Year Group Overview.  This is loaded in the same way as the Year Group Overview, but instead of selecting a year group, selecting a class group.

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