When logging in to Classroom Monitor you will be presented with the markbook. The markbook can be accessed by clicking on the 'Markbook' icon from the left hand side menu.

Then select from the following options:

You must select:

  • Group: Select one or more groups to view in the markbook.  Teacher users can see groups that have been specifically assigned to them.  SLT and Admin users can see all groups within the school

  • Curriculum: Select the assessment framework you want to view subjects from.

  • Subject: Select one or more subjects to view in the markbook.

Optional selections can help refine the markbook:

  • Ability: Select one or more ability levels you want to view. If you do not select an ability level, this will show all ability levels for the subject(s) selected.

  • Strands:  Select one or more strands to view in the markbook.  If you do not make a selection, this will show all strands for the subject(s) selected.

Once you have chosen your Group, Curriculum, Subject press Load Markbook.

Ordering The Markbook

The order that pupils and objectives appear in the markbook can be changed by clicking on the 'Show ordering options' drop-down. You can then add and remove options to order the markbook how you would like:

The Pupil options are:

  • Surname: Alphabetical

  • First Name: Alphabetical

  • Age 

  • Attainment: Uses pupil attainment of the displayed objectives.

The Objective Options are:

  • Subject: Group objectives from the same subject together.

  • Ability: Group objectives from the same ability together.

  • Strand: Group objectives from the same strand together.

  • Objective: Order objectives by their sequence.

  • Attainment: Order objectives by how well they have been achieved by the selected pupils.

What Next?

Now that the markbook is loaded, learn how to Add Assessments against pupils.