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Get ready for the new school year with Sonar Tracker

Since Classroom Monitor’s launch as one of the first assessment trackers in 2004, the last 20 years have seen many changes in the approach to monitoring assessment. This has been driven by education policy and the development of how trackers can better support schools in improving learning outcomes.


Classroom Monitor will upgrade to Sonar Tracker on the 31st July, 2024

After joining the Juniper Education family in 2020, the last four years have been spent combining the experience and insights gained from our market-leading solutions, including OTrack, Target Tracker & Pupil Asset, to invest in Sonar Tracker. The improved assessment tracker is focused on reducing teacher workloads whilst providing the insights you need, quickly and visually, to support confident decision-making.


The benefits you will gain from Sonar Tracker include:

  • Insightful formative assessment: A streamlined process with visual representations of attainment to help quickly identify gaps in learning.
  • Efficient summative assessment: Features such as bulk fill and automatic carrying over of previous judgments save time and effort for teachers.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis: Easy access to reports, customisable views and interactive features for deep analysis at class and pupil levels.
  • Opportunities and modelling: Identify opportunities to improve KPIs by focusing on specific pupils or subjects on the cusp.

See the latest improvements for yourself in our 8-minute overview video.


We are also continuously improving and extending the capabilities of Sonar Tracker. In the Summer term, we will have flexible parental reporting, learning observations and the opportunity to aggregate and report on progress and attainment across a MAT with Sonar Multi-School.


The next step

We will share further details about the upgrade process after Easter. We will also be providing the opportunity to join orientation webinars to support the move and inform you of the extensive resources available for Sonar Tracker.


If you would like to move to Sonar Tracker before the 31st July, simply email and we will arrange a meeting with your Customer Success Manager.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard Sonar Tracker and supporting you as your progress partner.

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