This report enables you to look deeper into the assessments made for a markbook subject. It is great for subject leaders and class teachers as it summarises how well a group of pupils are attaining in individual objectives.

To load a Curriculum Tracking report:

  • Report Date: The month that you want to look at markbook data for.

  • Class/Year: The set of pupils that you want to look at.  Class refers to the groups set up and Year will choose all pupils assigned to that year.

  • Curriculum: Select the curriculum that contains the subjects assessments have been made for.

  • Subject: Select the subject that you wish to view assessment data for.

  • Ability/Year: This is the set of objectives that will be looked at.

  • Load Report.

The report will show the numbers of children that are at each assessment level and the bracketed percentage is the proportion of the total number of pupils selected.  For example in the screenshot above, for the objective 'Read further exception words' 5 pupils, 14% of all Year 3 pupils, have been assessed as Met for this objective. The search box allows for a specific objective to be looked for.

Clicking on to the numbers in the table will bring up the list of pupils who have achieved the a specific level for the objective selected: