From the MARK system, export the PIRA and PUMA results as a CSV file.

On the exported CSV file (spreadsheet) delete the top few rows, so that the column headers (UID, First Name, etc) are in the top row.


From the Standardised Score, Age-SS and Age-SS Percentile columns using the Find and Replace function in Excel remove the symbols <, > and = (these will not import into Classroom Monitor).

<69 will import as 69, > 130 will import as 130 and >=98 will import as 98.



In Classroom Monitor, click the External Data button on the side menu


Set Import Type as either PUMA or PIRA

Set Subject as either Maths or Reading

Set Year Group as the year those children were in at the point of taking the test

Set Test Date

Leave the Import Name as suggested, it will label the import with Date, test name, subject and year group.


Click Choose File and select the export file you edited

Click Next


The following page will allow you to view the data you are about to import.

Click Import


If the import button is not clickable, check down to find any errors, which are highlighted in red.

The most usual errors are:

  • Missing UPN number
  • Missing first name / surname
  • Symbols (<>=) in the number columns
  • Numbers out of allowed range


If there are errors in the data you will need to correct those in the csv file and attempt import process again.


If the import was successful you will see this message: