This version of Classroom Monitor has been optimised for use on mobile devices (phones & tablets) and can be accessed using your mobile web browser. Use the standard URL ( and your normal user account details.

Adding evidence on a mobile device

As with adding evidence on the desktop version, to add evidence first load the relevant markbook (multiple subjects and groups can be loaded). Next click Evidence on the top menu bar. To add evidence select the relevant learning objectives and pupils (evidence can be added to multiple pupils and objectives) then click Add in the top left. On the evidence screen you can add notes and then click 'Select a file...' This then provides three choices:

  1. Take Photo or Video - this will use your devices camera to record a photo or video directly

  2. Photo Library - this will let you select media from your device camera roll/gallery

  3. Browse - this lets you select recent files or to browse you device to find the relevant file

Once you have recorded your media or selected a file, next click Save Evidence.

Please note: you will need to be online (mobile data or wi-fi) to use Classroom Monitor on your mobile device