In the Reports menu, you will select your options (1-6) and then schedule the reports to run (7). These will be generated in the background so you can get on with something else. When the pupil reports have generated, you will be able to access them by clicking on the 'View Scheduled Reports' button (8).

  1. Select your Group and then select the required or all pupils.
  2. Select your Curriculum and then the required subjects.
  3. Select your Report Type followed by giving the report a name
  4. Select the month(s) you would like the report to focus on
  5. Show Colours will include the markbook colours in the report
  6. Show Ability Names will include the markbook terminology

When you click the View Scheduled Reports button (8), you will see a list of reports that have been generated. When you click on a report name, a download button will appear in the Downloads section. You can then click this to download a zip file containing your report(s).