Teacher pathway, Level 2
Outcome: Can record summative judgements

Why it matters: Some schools find it useful for teachers to record a teacher judgement of each pupil's attainment periodically. This gives the opportunity to record a judgement which triangulates multiple pieces of assessment information or a judgement that has been moderated with colleagues.

Time to complete: 15 minutes


Judgements can be recorded in the 'Judgements' report in PROGRESS.

1. Select the data to inform your judgement

You can select up to 3 data points to inform your judgement. This could be data from the same source on 3 different dates, data from 3 different sources in the same time period or whatever data you will find useful.

2. Load report and press the 'Judgements' button

3. Select the type of judgement you are making.

Use the dropdown to choose from:

  • Percentage: To type a number between 0 and 99 for each pupil

  • Progress: To record Below / On Track / Above for each pupil

  • Band: To record Bronze / Silver / Gold for each pupil

4. Make your judgements

In PROGRESS, imported external data can be accessed in:

  • Matrix

  • Judgements