CM Leader pathway, Level 2
Outcome: Can import test and other non-markbook data into Classroom Monitor

Why it matters: Many schools use tests as a method of tracking attainment and progress. This test data can be stored in Classroom Monitor to keep all of your assessment information in one place. This can then be used alongside markbook data or on its own for making comparisons and to track progress.

Time to complete: 20 minutes


When setting up your school's Classroom Monitor system, you may want to import some historic data. This can be useful to give teachers a starting point in which to start their tracking. It is possible to import both satutory data (KS1 results, Phonics screening scores, KS2 results) and data downloaded from test publishers.

Importing assessment data

Access the 'Ext. Data' icon from the menu bar on the left side of the screen. From here, you will be taken step by step through importing your data. There are a range of preset data import formats for the most popular publisher tests which enable you to import the spreadsheets you download from the publisher straight into Classroom Monitor. 

Specifying the file information

Import Type

Available imports include:

  • GL: CAT4, Progress Tests in English, Maths and Science

  • KS2 Optional SATs

  • NFER: Grammar, Maths, Reading

  • NGRT

  • PASS: KS1, KS2

  • Phonics Screening Test

  • Rising Stars: PIRA, PUMA

  • SATs

You will find the most up to date list in the Ext. Data area. If there is one that you need that doesn’t appear on the list, please speak to your Onboarding Manager.

Import Name

A suggested name will be generated based on your menu selections or you can name the file as you choose. Teachers and SLT will select the filename when they want to load the data so you need to make sure that the name is unique and that it gives enough information for teachers to be able to select the correct data.


Most data will be associated with a subject. If the data is not associated with a subject (e.g. CAT4) you can select 'No Subject' from the bottom of the list.

Year Group

The data will be associated with a single year group. You will need to import individual year groups in different spreadsheets.

Test Date

Select the date that the test was taken.

Import File

Browse to find the required file on your computer.

The Import Process

When you press the 'Next' button, Classroom Monitor will check the spreadsheet to ensure that it contains the columns that it is expecting. If there is an error, it will tell you which expected columns are missing and you will need to amend your spreadsheet.

When the columns are verified, you will be shown a table with the data that will be imported for each pupil. Any rows which contain unexpected data will be show in red. These will need to be fixed in your spreadsheet and uploaded again before the data can be imported.

You will need to press the 'Import Data' button to import the data into the system.

Viewing the imported data

Once the data has been imported,  you can verify the individual scores that have been imported via the 'Judgements' report in PROGRESS. You can view up to 3 columns of data using the 'Selections' tabs.

Grouped data can also be viewed in PROGRESS via the Ext. Data School Overview, Ext. Data Year Group Overview, Ext. Data Class Group Overview and Group Matrix reports.

Accessing imported spreadsheets

On the External data menu screen, you can click the 'Previous Imports' button to access a list of all of the spreadsheets that you have uploaded. You can download each file from here.