Ensuring your school gains the maximum value and educational impact from the Classroom Monitor platform is our number one priority. To support this, the Classroom Monitor Academy provides three distinct learning pathways tailored to the user roles and responsibilities within your school.

  • CM Leader Pathway- Guidance for those who are responsible for setting up and leading Classroom Monitor across the school.

  • Teacher Pathway - Guidance for users with teaching responsibilities. How to record assessment information and access it for a range of purposes to save you time and increase effectiveness.

  • SLT Pathway- Guidance for school leaders to ensure that your school is getting the maximum benefit out of Classroom Monitor.

Each pathway works through 4 levels:

Level 1 - Getting Started: Getting set up and ready to start using Classroom Monitor

Level 2 - Intermediate: Getting assessment information into Classroom Monitor

Level 3 - Advanced: Getting information out of Classroom Monitor

Level 4 - Expert: Using Classroom Monitor to improve teaching and learning