MIS Synchronisation (MIS sync) keeps Classroom Monitor updated with the correct pupils, classes and staff. 

MIS synchronisation with Classroom Monitor is provided through our MIS integration partner, Wonde. They are a school data integration specialist used by many leading applications.

The list of applications that can be linked to Classroom Monitor, include: SIMS, Arbor, RM Integris, ScholarPack, Bromcom, Engage, DoubleFirst, Progresso, WCBS, CMIS, Pupil Asset, iSAMS and Facility. 

If you would like an MIS sync to be activated:

1. Contact us by raising a support case to let us know that you want an MIS sync to be activated.
2. We will request access to the required information from your school through the Wonde platform.
3. A member of the Wonde integration team will make contact with you to arrange a time to install the link. (If your school already has Wonde installed, you will get an instant request to allow Classroom Monitor access.)
4. Once the link has been installed and you have granted access to us, the data becomes available to Classroom Monitor and is updated when changes are made in your MIS.

The team at Wonde are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your MIS synchronisation with Classroom Monitor:
Email: hello@wonde.com; Telephone: 0845 557 8749; Website: www.wonde.com

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