Welcome to the new version of Classroom Monitor

We've taken all of our knowledge from working with schools over the last decade and the result is the all new Classroom Monitor that your school has switched to. You will soon see that it represents a great leap forward from Classroom Monitor Version 1; in a product that better supports you in your role in school while being faster, easier and more simple to use.

New and improved

As you navigate around, you will notice similarities but also some differences. There are brand new features designed specifically to meet the needs of schools today, which we hope will make everyone's lives easier. There are also some things that you won't find in the new product; but we hope that you'll quickly recognise that anything that hasn't made it into this new version has been replaced with a more effective way of achieving the same goal.

Everything is ready for you

Your school's transition to this new version will have been managed through our contact in your school so you should have everything that you need transferred, set up and ready for you to use. As it is a brand new product, you will be using a new web address:  


You should receive an activation email so that you can set up your account on the new system. If you haven't received this, please speak to one of your school's SIMPLE admin users.